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At the Sachs Group, we work exclusively for Real Estate Investors.

We have 3 basic client profiles:

  1. The Full Time Real Estate Investor:  In this case, our client is a full time Real Estate Investor. Our role is only to find properties for our client to buy, fill rentals with tenants or sell the finished product.
  2. The Part-Time Real Estate Investor:  Our client typically has a full time job and wants to diversify their investments with real estate.  They want to flip a house or two and maybe own a few rental properties.  This type of investor not only wants our guidance but wants to stay involved through-out the renovation process.
  3. The Just Send Me My Check Investor:  Here, our client wants to diversify their cash and wants wealth through real estate.  However, our client doesn’t want to be involved in how it happens.  They want only to be briefed on the progress, and at the end of the day, just want returns on their cash.

Investors trust the Sachs Group to help build their wealth through real estate!  No matter what your financial goals are, regardless of how much you want to be involved, let us provide a free consultation today! Contact Us

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