The Sachs Report

4_oThe Sachs Report is a comprehensive look into Baltimore County Real Estate.

Published monthly, the report will cover important information as it applies to residential, commercial and industrial availability, development and issues  related to the Baltimore County area.

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Residential, Commercial and Industrial Information:

  • Number of units sold, rented and available
  • Median home sale prices, rental prices and current market prices
  • Development areas as it applies to renovations and new construction
  • Zoning issues, as well as proposed development
  • Additional important community information

Interested in investing in real estate in Baltimore County?

Are you looking to:

  • Flip houses?
  • Buy commercial or residential rentals?
  • Develop land?
  • Build new construction?

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About Todd Sachs (36 Articles)
Todd Sachs, Broker of Maryland's Sachs Realty, has been serving the real estate and construction industry since 1989. Currently Positions: -Broker and President of Sachs Realty -President and CEO of Construction Services, Inc -President and CEO of Botanical, Inc For over 25 years, Todd Sachs has developed, designed, built, bought and sold a broad range of real estate. As a Maryland native, Todd grew up in Baltimore County and understands the Maryland real estate industry thoroughly. He is familiar with all aspects of commercial and residential land development, condominium development, residential and commercial flips, industrial and office development and rental properties, both residential and commercial. Todd is a landlord of both commercial and residential properties and is currently developing retail condominiums, building commercial buildings, single family homes and flipping residential properties. Todd Sachs created The Sachs Report as an in-depth look into the Maryland real estate market. Please follow the Sachs Report to stay informed.

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