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How Shared Workplaces are Breathing New Life into Vacant Space

My favorite shared office space is located in the heart of D.C. in the old Wonder Bread Factory. WE WORK WONDER BREADIts casual leather couches, outside terrace, and bar make for a rather relaxing day at work, not to mention its convenience to the surrounding metro area.

As the corporate world continues to downsize and the freelance lifestyle gains momentum, companies devoted to rehabbing old office space into shared workplaces, such as WeWork, are thriving.  With full service design, build, and operations support, struggling office space can become part of global network of shared work space that is rarely vacant.

Even ten year old office buildings are facing prolonged vacancies –  built on the premise of 240 square feet of private work space per employee.  Rehabbing these vacant offices into open space community work type settings, reduces the space each employee requires to approximately 150 square feet opening the door to unfettered collaboration.

Where else but in a shared space, can you find independent contractors sitting next to and pooling resources with start-up entrepreneurs creating networking advantages never seen before.

If you would like to learn more about coworking (shared) workplace options for your office building, Sachs Realty can help.  We are experienced in all aspects of selling, leasing, and competing in the new market of office real estate. Contact us today!

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